Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tiglet Besara

Dr. Tiglet Besara

Assistant Professor
MNAS Coordinator of Physics, Astronomy, and Material Science

Experimental condensed matter physics and materials science; single crystal growth; x-ray diffraction and crystallography; magnetism.

Dr. Shyang Huang

Dr. Shyang Huang

MNAS Coordinator of Physics, Astronomy and Material Science

Dr. Robert A. Mayanovic

Synchrotron X-ray studies of condensed matter; materials in supercritical fluids; high pressure-temperature studies; mineral physics

Dr. Sarah J. Morrison

Planetary system formation & evolution; extrasolar planets; orbital dynamics; computational astrophysics; data science.

Dr. Robert S. Patterson

Studies of yellow supergiant and cepheid variable stars using Baker Observatory

Dr. Emmett R. Redd

Neural networks; optical computing; grant writing; inventing; building devices to solve problems; Tornado alarm; Space elevator

Dr. Michael D. Reed

Asteroseismology; binary stars; compact evolved stars; extrasolar planets

Laura E. Rios

Laura E. Rios

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Dr. Ridwan Sakidja

Computational materials science; High-temperature materials; Nanomaterials