Faculty and Staff

Dr. Robert A. Mayanovic

Synchrotron X-ray studies of condensed matter; materials in supercritical fluids; high pressure-temperature studies; mineral physics

Adam C. Beck

Adam C. Beck

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Dr. Tiglet Besara

Dr. Tiglet Besara

Assistant Professor
MNAS Coordinator of Physics, Astronomy, and Material Science

Experimental condensed matter physics and materials science; single crystal growth; x-ray diffraction and crystallography; magnetism.

Dr. Shyang Huang

Dr. Shyang Huang

MNAS Coordinator of Physics, Astronomy and Material Science

Dr. Sarah J. Morrison

Planetary system formation & evolution; extrasolar planets; orbital dynamics; computational astrophysics; data science.

Dr. Emmett R. Redd

Neural networks; optical computing; grant writing; inventing; building devices to solve problems; Tornado alarm; Space elevator

Dr. Michael D. Reed

Asteroseismology; binary stars; compact evolved stars; extrasolar planets

Dr. Ridwan Sakidja

Computational materials science; High-temperature materials; Nanomaterials