Master of Science in Materials Physics

Why consider a master’s degree in materials physics at Missouri State?

  • Our program is designed with comprehensive course work along with plenty of research opportunities, which are valuable preparation for both the work force and further study.
  • Our faculty is dedicated to helping you succeed in your studies and helping you find internship opportunities that will lead to job possibilities.
  • You will have access to some of the most advanced labs and equipment in the Midwest, giving you an extra edge in your research.

Degree options

Career options

With a master’s degree in Materials Physics, you can pursue a career in any of the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Materials Physics related industries, such as defense, energy, biomedical and semiconductor
  • Project management
  • Research and development of condensed matter
  • Research and development of engineering physics
  • Testing of new products

Career Resources

To help you prepare and search for jobs, the Missouri State Career Center provides a database of current openings, tips for preparing your résumé and on-campus interview opportunities. The Career Center also compiles information about what you can do with a graduate degree in Materials Physics.

Also, our department encourages students to use resources like Physics Today and the American Physical Society as they look for jobs in their field.