Traditional Master's

What is required for a Materials Science master’s degree?

Our traditional master’s program involves 37 hours of course work and can be completed in two or three years. This assumes that a student maintains a full-time status.

Grad student inspects a piece of machinery

Program Description

The Materials Science degree is designed to provide the graduate with a suitable background for employment in the exciting fields of nano, bio, and energy technology.  Specifically, students will receive experience in high-technology materials synthesis, characterization, and modelling.  Graduates will be prepared for employment in areas of semiconductor manufacturing, materials synthesis and testing, and other industries where high technology processing and development are required.

The program requires 15 hours of required course work, 6-9 hours of electives, 6-9 hours of research and 1 hour of seminar, for a total of 31 hours.  Interdisciplinary courses taught in other departments may be used for electives if approved by the department head in advance.

At the beginning of the first semester, students’ background will be evaluated to determine the student’s optimum path of study.  Based on the results of the students’ initial evaluation, poorly prepared students may be required to take some additional course work that will not apply to the degree. Later in the first semester, the student will interview with faculty members to choose an area of thesis research.

A comprehensive examination is required usually one semester prior to graduation.  The comprehensive examination is used to monitor the progress of each student through the program.  At the end of the thesis project, the student will present his or her results in the form of a public thesis presentation or defense.