Program Requirements

Degree requirements (minimum of 31 hours)

  1. For the student who has not received a “C” or better in a quantum mechanics course or its equivalent prior to admission to the program, satisfactory completion of PHY 675 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics is required. (This course does not count towards the 31 hour total.)
  2. Required core - 15 hrs:
    • MAT 640 Thermodynamics of Materials
    • MAT 651 Introduction to Materials Science
    • MAT 681 Structure of Solids
    • MAT 770 Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Materials
    • MAT 792 Introduction to Computational Materials Science
  3. 6-9 hours, with at least 6 hours at the 700 level or above, chosen from the following:
    • Any 600 or 700 level PHY or MAT course
    • Interdisciplinary Courses approved by the department head for elective credit. Examples: CHM 770 Chemical Kinetics or CHM 614 Polymer Chemistry
  4. Seminar. 1 hour of seminar, MAT 798.
  5. Research. 6-9 hours of research, MAT 799. For both options, the student is required to give an oral presentation of his/her work to the Department.
    • Thesis Option. Satisfactory completion of an approved thesis and an oral thesis defense to the student's faculty advisor and a committee of graduate faculty is also required. 6-9 hours of MAT 799 may be counted toward this degree under this option.
    • Non-thesis Option. In extraordinary circumstances, a student may choose a non-thesis option with the permission of graduate committee and department head. This requires the completion of a minimum of 2 degree papers, each of which shall require an extensive paper or major creative work. 6 hours of PHY 799 may be counted toward this degree under this option.
  6. Comprehensive Examinations. A passing grade on the comprehensive examination, taken approximately one semester before graduation.