Physics Undergraduate Program

What does it mean to study physics?

Because physics delves into questions involving the fundamental workings of the universe, such as motion, energy, electricity, magnetism, light and time, a degree in physics prepares you for a diverse range of enjoyable, creative and high-paying careers. It's a foundation for everything from medicine to nuclear science.

Why major in physics at Missouri State?

  • Graduates of our program have found careers at global firms and companies conducting research and designing technological products.

  • The department has close ties to the community and organizations that offer internships so that you can get hands-on research experience.

  •  Our faculty members are dedicated to assisting you in your studies and involving you in their research. Some of our students have even been listed as co-authors of publications.
  • You will have access to some of the most advanced labs and equipment in the Midwest, giving you an extra edge in your research.
  • With guidance from our faculty, you will be prepared to be a meaningful contributor in whatever field you pursue.

Track options

Focus on the traditional paper-and-pencil method of mathematical equations.

Prepare for any graduate program in physics, astronomy and other science-related fields.

Create new technological developments based on cutting-edge scientific advances.

Prepare for a teaching career in physics, astronomy, and other science-related fields.

Helping you succeed

Make a smart investment in your future. Access financial aid and friendly support.

Immersive academics

You’ll be prepared, confident and ready for your career.


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