Astronomy and Astrophysics Track

Studying our universe

The astronomy and astrophysics program is geared toward preparing our students for graduate school. Thanks to our excellent facilities and dedicated faculty, students in this program encounter many research opportunities that few other universities can offer.

Career options

A physics degree with an emphasis in astronomy or astrophysics will prepare you for a career in any of the following areas:

  • Astronomy
    • Research
    • Development
    • Writing
  • Astrophysics
    • Research
    • Administration
  • Aerospace industry

Graduate options

Our astronomy program will equip you for any graduate program in physics, astronomy and other science-related fields.

A crimson portrait of planet Venus

Transit of Venus, June 5th, 2012. The Next one is scheduled for December 11, 2117.
Hydrogen-alpha image by Henry G. Stratmann, a Missouri State student.