Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Magnetometer

A SQUID magnetometer is used to measure extremely subtle magnetic field based on superconducting loops containing Josephson junctions. The SQUID magnetometer provides solutions for a unique class of sensitive magnetic measurements in key areas such as high-temperature superconductivity, biochemistry, and magnetic recording media. The instrument is used to conduct fundamental and applied research as well as for training undergraduate and graduate students. In particular, the instrument is used to study AC/DC magnetization, magnetoresistance, and Hall effect of magnetic and electronic materials.

When not in use by faculty or students, it can be reserved for use. The SQUID magnetometer is available to rent per hour. Please contact the department for scheduling.

Contact: Dr. Kartik Ghosh, Professor

Kemper Hall 103G, 417-836-6205

SQUID full view lab