What will you learn in the teaching prep physics option?

Physics is a study of the fundamental workings of the universe, which include light, time, motion, energy and others. This option will provide background physics knowledge and understanding essential to a career in teaching. 

Why study physics education at Missouri State?

  • This program allows you to develop your passion for science and begins to prepare you to develop that interest in others.
  • This option will ensure you are prepared with background physics knowledge required to teach physics at the high school level.
  • In order to teach, you will be required to enter an initial certification program. This includes the Master of Arts of Teaching (MAT) program at Missouri State University.

Degree options


This four-year plan includes a foundations of interdisciplinary science minor which contains content required for certification programs.

A degree in physics education prepares you for any number of jobs in the fields of physics, materials science or education.


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