Missouri State University

Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science

Poetry for Physicists


Emmett Redd

(with links to another)

Fleet Barham’s Tragedy (not a Physics Poem, per se, but written by a physicist)

I once had a great-aunt named Fleet,

Who went down for a walk down the street.

But, lo, she forgot

Her beans in the pot.

And her house was burned down complete.

The three below were inspired by the Condensed Story of Ms. Farad (third poem down on page)


Mr. Henry’s Redeeming and Leading

After Ms. Farad was brought low,

Mr. Henry delivered some flow.

With periodic income to stave

Off Ohm’s dissipative crave,

Forever they danced to and fro.


Henry’s Inducement

After Ohm, Ms. Farad was laconic.

But, with apparatus electronic,

Henry did well

In series and parallel.

Their union was simply harmonic.


Ohm’s Lament

Called ‘a rascal’ by French, A.P.

‘Dissipative’ said Redd, E.

So poor and misunderstood


There’s no positive limerick about me.