Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science

Physics Education Undergraduate Program

Pass it on to future generations - Physics students build a rocket with some high school students

What will you learn in physics education?

Physics is a study of the fundamental workings of the universe, which include light, time, motion, energy and others. In this program, you will learn these principles yourself and learn how to apply these principles of science in the classroom at the high school level.

Why study physics education at Missouri State?

  • Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields of research, so you will learn what you need to go straight from the classroom to the workplace.
  • This program allows you to explore your passion for the sciences and teaches you how to pass it on to future generations.
  • Our program will ensure you are certified and prepared for teaching physics at the high school level.
  • You will be prepared for post-graduate studies, including pursuing a master’s program at Missouri State or elsewhere.