Missouri State University

Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science

Natural Science Education Graduate Program

Dive deeper into natural science - A view of North America from space with the sun behind the Earth

Preparing for your future

If you are interested in the Master of Science in Secondary Education degree, you have the opportunity to select from 17 subject areas, including natural science. The natural science education program lets you study at the University with one of the best education programs in the state.

This program will let you upgrade your preparation in both professional education and subject matter areas appropriate to your teaching field.

Why consider a master’s in natural science education at Missouri State?

  • Missouri State University’s College of Education is a highly accredited unit, and you will learn effective teaching methods as you focus on diving deeper into your understanding of natural science.
  • As a graduate of the natural science education program, you will be equipped to teach at the middle school and high school levels.
  • You will have an opportunity to choose course work and develop research projects that will meet your specific educational and professional needs.
  • If you choose to pursue a teaching assistantship, you will be able to teach at the college level, which will provide you with work experience for your résumé.

This program is officially administered by the College of Education. If you have questions regarding this degree in secondary education, contact Dr. Denise Fredrick, director of secondary education, at 417-836-5944.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master of Science in education with an emphasis in natural science, contact Dr. Tamera Jahnke, program coordinator, at 417-836-5249.